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Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberry

Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberry

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Experience the charm of these delightful dried blueberries covered in dark chocolate with 60% cacao.


Organic cacao mass, organic blueberries, organic unrefined sugar.

Nutritional Benefits

The combination of blueberries and cacao is great for promoting a healthy heart, immune system and reducing cardiovascular issues.


These bites make for the perfect snacks or toppings! Add them to a colorful smoothie bowl to add more nutrients and sweetness to your favorite breakfast.

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What makes this product special?

  • You won't have to worry about unnecessary chemicals or toxic ingredients. Everything is pure and simple, just like it needs to be. We're proudly certified by USDA Organic and EU Organic to ensure the use of harmless and clean ingredients and in some products, we are certified kosher by UK Kosher to guarantee proper care for the Jewish community.

  • Social

    We pay four times more than the average market price for our organic chocolate with the intention of rupturing poverty and providing legal and fair working conditions. We offer new green jobs to our farmers and offer growth opportunities to improve their quality of life.

  • Environmental

    Our chocolate are cultivated through biodynamic and regenerative agriculture, meaning they reduce water pollution and conserve water supply, rejuvenate the soil, capture carbon and generate shade for our flora & fauna.